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Hyundai i30N MK3.5 (Facelift) Oil Cooler - Red

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Product Description

Powder-coated red after a customer decided they no longer wanted the product. Ready for immediate dispatch.


Developed from our direct involvement with BTCC and success with the previous generation I30N, Forge Motorsport is proud to release an oil cooler kit for the Hyundai i30N MK3.5. This oil cooler radiator is lifted straight from our motorsport department, so we know this component performs extremely well, as well as the cores tough and durable construction. Next stage was to design a kit incorporating this core which will fit the i30N Mk3.5 perfectly - the result is a bespoke oil cooler kit with true motorsport development behind it.

During our time developing new products for the second generation i30N we found a significant floor with the vehicle especially when tuned. Oil temperatures can climb to dangerous levels when on track or when driven hard in hotter climates, The rising oil temperatures change the viscosity potentially thinning the oil, this will result in only one outcome, a reduction of sufficient lubrication of your engines internal components. Therefore, the FMOC13 is a must have product for the keen driver. The location of the oil cooler at the front of the vehicle’s radiator grill allows for superior air flow. During our development of this product, we have seen oil temperatures reduced significantly.

Unlike many oil cooler kits, the FMOC13 keeps the factory oil to water cooler in position. This essentially doubles your engines oil cooling. This new product is not to be confused with a universal oil cooler. FMOC13 has a laser cut aluminium bracket which makes for perfect fitment to the i30N crash bar and has an incorporated side ducting which guides air flow through the core.

Manufactured in Gloucester UK, FMOC13 is made to the uppermost standard and is backed up by the Forge Motorsport lifetime warranty. It is available in raw finish or black powder coat finish for the stealthier look.

We’ve incorporated a thermostat that is built into the oil cooler sandwich plate, this has been set to open at 85C as this was observed to be the optimal working temperature of the oil cooler when testing, this means the engine is working at its most efficient oil temperature range however hard you push the vehicle.


The kit comes with the following:

1x Forge aluminium sandwich plate
1x twin pass oil cooler 
4x M6x20 fasteners
4x M6 washers
2x oil lines 
4x M6 Rubber Riv nuts
1X M20x1.5 adaptor

1X weather strip
All the fixings required 

Complimentary Products

With Hyundai redeveloping the turbo charger to run more boost and a larger flow than the previous generation there is even more reason to replace more restrictive OEM intercooler with the larger Forge Motorsport item, based on a stage 2 ECU calibration and fitted with the Forge intake (FMINDK28) and turbo inlet adaptor (FMTIA10) the new intercooler performed as expected,

The FMTIA10 is proven to benefit the engines performance. With one of the weak links on the i30N and intake system being the restrictive aluminium inlet pipe we found something more was needed on stage 1 and 2 tuned vehicles. You cannot go wrong with Forge Motorsport hardware on your tuned Hyundai, the results speak for themselves.

This aftermarket cold air intake system improves your i30N’s airflow in several key ways. It routes the air more directly into your engine, using a huge 102 mm diameter CNC mandrel bent alloy pipe. The aftermarket system also improves the airflow by adding a high-flow, high efficiency air filter in place of the more restrictive factory air filter. Finally, the cold air intake system is set up to allow cooler air to easily flow into your engine


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Hyundai i30N MK3.5 (Facelift) Oil Cooler - Red


All Forge Motorsport products come with a limited lifetime warranty. All warranty claims must be accompanied by the original proof of purchase to enable us to help you. Failure to supply this proof will result in your claim or enquiry being denied.

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Do not use aggressive (acidic) car cleaning products, particularly traffic film remover solutions or shampoos to clean your intercooler, radiator or oil cooler. The use of these products can damage Forge Motorsport cooling systems and invalidate your warranty. These are often found at car washes. A light, warm, soapy solution (free of harsh acidic cleaning compounds) should be used to clean you cooler and thoroughly rinsed away. We recommend that you should inspect your product on a regular basis for bent and/or crushed fins. Any bent fins should be carefully straightened to allow ambient air to pass through the core face. At the time of installing your Forge radiator, an approved coolant must be used and added to the coolant system. Be sure you never mix coolant and always use distilled water.



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