BOV/Recirc Dump Valves
Atmospheric and Recirculating Valve for Hyundai i30N, Veloster N, and Kia Stinge


Product Feature


Product Description

 Our uprated valve for the Hyundai i30N has been expertly manufactured and designed in the UK, meaning we can provide the industry leading valve for your vehicle. Specifically designed for the Hyundai, but also fitting the 2018 Kia Stinger 2.0L, this valve can be used either as a fully atmospheric (blow off) valve, or a recirculating valve - you choose!


  • Utilising world leading springs for more precise operation and consistency

  • All internal and external components have been made in the UK, ensuring top quality, and offering a valve with faster response times and longer service intervals

  • The piston uses heat stabilised Viton O-rings

  • Lubricated with high temperature Mobil1 grease to ensure a long life with minimal wear and very long service intervals

  • A super durable and responsive aluminium piston

  • Fully serviceable and rebuildable in minutes

  • Available in anodised black

  • Unlike other valves on the market, ours produces no check engine lights (EML)