1.2, 1.4 150 & 138 BHP High Flow Carbon Intake


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Product Description


*Before purchase and to ensure compatibility please check that your intake configuration is the same as the photograph at the end of the text.

Please note this product does not fit the Golf GTE.


  • Part of the Forge Motorsport Hi-Flow range.
  • Increases air flow and improves efficiency and performance.
  • Up to 10 BHP gain.
  • Strong, tight carbon fibre weave.
  • Made from 100% carbon fibre with no fibre glass added.
  • Formed by Autoclave Pre Preg.
  • Easy installation.
  • Flurosilicone lined hose.
  • High flow cleanable airfilter with no need to ever replace.

This is the second product to be released in our new ‘Hi-Flow’ range. With this unique sleek design, you can expect to see a carbon fibre housing that flows beautifully along the engine bay, giving you more horse power and torque, and hopefully an appreciation for the care and time that has gone into the production. It includes a billet machined coupler made to exact tolerances at our machine shop in Gloucester, UK, ensuring a perfect fit.

The hose is available in red, blue or black and is supplied with all necessary hose clamps.